vintage style engagement ring reviews

10 Timeless Vintage-Style Engagement Rings

Customers are overwhelmingly choosing vintage-style engagement rings as their “something old.”

vintage style engagement ring reviews

As the saying goes, you can’t look to the future without embracing the past. Vintage-style engagement rings perfectly encapsulate the glitz and glamour of the time, transporting the wearer to a place of romance. Thanks to modern setting techniques and materials, the durability of these rings has greatly improved, allowing for more intricate craftsmanship.


Who doesn’t love a sparkly throwback? Our customers certainly do, which is why they’ve lavished the most praise on these vintage-style engagement rings. Bring on the nostalgia!

1.Petite Filigree Vintage Ring

14K Yellow Gold Diamond Filigree Engagement Ring
  • “It has an almost flower type feel, making the whole ring look more botanical.” – Sarah V.
  • “This ring offered the unique, one-of-a-kind design that I was looking for, as well as the vintage, elaborate style that my girlfriend likes.” – Michael R.

2. Milgrain Infinity Vintage Ring

14K White Gold Vintage Infinity Engagement Ring
  • “If she wants simple, but not too simple, then it’s perfect. My fiancée loved it.” – Emmanuel G.
  • I could not believe the quality! Even down to the fine details that one normally wouldn’t see unless you study it closely.” – Wehry J.

3. Bezel and Pavé Vintage Ring

14K Rose Gold Antique Bezel And Pave Set Engagement Ring
  • “It’s timeless, vintage, beautiful. It looks great on her petite fingers.” – Phi V.
  • “The quality of the stones and the detailing of the metal is stunning.” – Tara

4. Beaded Open Span Vintage Ring

14K Rose Gold Beaded Open Span Diamond Engagement Ring
  • “A ring made for a princess! Beautiful design, very sparkling and eye-catching.” – Beata A.
  • “The beading, shank, and open span are nice, but what is really amazing is how it sparkles in the light because of the diamonds on top of the band.” – Greg C.

5. Pavé Embossed Vintage Ring

14K White Gold Embossed Diamond Engagement Ring
  • “My fiancée loves the diamonds and the intricate etching around the band!” – Daryl S.
  • “As soon as I laid eyes on this ring, I knew it was the one. Once it arrived, I was blown away by how much more beautiful it was in person.” – Ian

6. Pavé Knife Edge Vintage Ring

14K Rose Gold Pave Knife Edge Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring
  • “It’s a very classic look, but with a modern twist.” – Braulio M.
  • “The ring truly is a result of excellent craftsmanship!” – Jack S.

7. Floral Bouquet Vintage Ring

14K White Gold Vintage Inspired Floral Bouquet Engagement Ring
  • “The vintage side details and floral elements are so elegant and delicate without being overstated.” – Jordan W.
  • “Beautiful, exquisite and gentle ring.” – Olga D.

8. Engraved Pavé Vintage Ring

engraved pave vintage style engagement ring reviews
  • “I love the classic design. It’s beautiful and flawless.” – Vindhya P.
  • Classic yet interesting; great balance between simple and intricate.” – Matthew N.

9. Bird of Paradise Vintage Ring

14K Yellow Gold Bird Of Paradise Engagement Ring
  • “The setting is unique and definitely not something you see often.” – Robin S.
  • “I get lost staring at the fine cut of the diamond and the bird of paradise design. It is unique and everything I hoped for.” – Dillon M.

10. Royal Engraved Vintage Ring

royal engraved vintage style engagement ring reviews
  • “I absolutely love it. It’s decorative without being flashy and flamboyant.” – Inger D.
  • “The ring sparkles like it’s worth a million dollars. The setting has an antique look that makes the ring that much more special.” – Mandy F.

Vintage-Style Engagement Rings: Remember the Shine

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