Just Got Engaged? The 7 Things You Need to Do First

Essential prep for the days, weeks, and months after getting engaged.

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You’re on cloud nine after getting engaged and you don’t ever want to come down. Why would you? It’s super comfy up there! But, at the same time, you’ve never been more excited to share the happy news with your loved ones back on Earth. Quite the logistical dilemma!

We’ve put together some handy tips to keep you grounded after getting engaged, because we’re nice like that.

The Day After Getting Engaged

1. Wait to Celebrate

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Things are about to get cray… and fast! But before you go announcing your big news to the world, why not have a little private celebration of your own? Take the time to really let it sink in and then, only when you’re ready, bring your closest friends and family into the loop. Book a table at your favorite restaurant or, better yet, invite them over for a barbeque. For a priceless reaction, casually mention you’re getting married as you ask one of your guests to pass the mesquite!

2. Make Beautiful Your Cuticles

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You’re jumping for joy on the inside, but your fingers tell a different story. Months of nail-biting that led up to the proposal have taken their toll. Give those sad-looking digits the pampering they deserve with a professional manicure – your cuticles will thank you! Keep it simple with a clean, shape, and polish, or go all out with some funky nail art. Either way, you’ll want to ensure your hand’s in tip-top condition and ready for the close-up.

3. Be Selfie-Centered!

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These days, it’s not official until you post an engagement ring selfie and the ‘likes’ start pouring in. How does one prep for the ultimate ring shot? Choose a background that doesn’t distract too much from the ring. You can include props from the proposal or hold hands with your fiancé. Make sure your ring and hand are in focus, use natural light rather than flash, and experiment with angles to maximize sparkle. After getting engaged with a James Allen ring, we’ll help you create a video of your proposal moment, complete with a 360° view of your ring. Perfect for sharing!

Ring Care After Getting Engaged

4. Safeguard Your Sparkle


Although one of toughest materials on the planet, diamond still attracts dirt like any other piece of jewelry. To keep your ring at its most pristine, soak it in mild dish soap and warm water for up to 30 minutes, gently scrubbing with a soft toothbrush. It’s also advisable to store your diamond ring away from other jewelry, as it may scratch anything it comes into contact with.

5. Dish the Dazzle

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The safest place to store your ring when it’s not being worn is in its original packaging, as this offers the best protection. But who wants to carry a ring box around with them? A more convenient solution is to scatter several ring dishes around your house, so there’s always a safe place to rest your ring when you take it off.

The Calm After Getting Engaged

6. Savor the Moment

7 things to do after getting engaged savor the moment

Sounds fairly obvious, but couples often get so caught up in the excitement after getting engaged, they forget to enjoy the experience. Take some “us” time to escape the stresses of planning a wedding, even for a few hours. Whether it’s a picnic in the park or a day at the spa, you owe it to yourselves to unwind and bask in the simple pleasure of each other’s company. As for the wedding planning, go at your own pace and don’t put undue pressure on yourselves.

7. Band Together

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If you thought online engagement ring shopping was a breeze, wait till you try wedding band shopping! For one thing, you don’t have to worry about choosing the perfect diamond. Some wedding bands don’t contain stones at all and the ones that do come preset. All you need to do is decide which ring best fits your style and budget. For the ultimate sparkle combo, consider matching your wedding band with your engagement ring.

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