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Asscher Cut Diamonds with Incredible Clarity

Asscher cut diamonds are loved for their glacier-level clarity and concentric square pattern. Have you ever seen a diamond quite like this?

asscher cut diamonds danhov classico halo

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Why Asscher Cut Diamonds?

Also called square emerald cut, asscher cut diamonds feature a similar clear and mathematical beauty to their emerald cut diamond cousin.

Channel-Set Engagement Ring

Their sparkle, however,  is closer to that of a classic round brilliant cut diamond. Welcome to the best of both cuts!

Trillion Ruby Engagement Ring

asscher cut diamonds ruby gemstone engagement ring

Asscher cut diamonds’ square table and cropped corners form a shining, stand-out octagon shape.

Comfort Solitaire Engagement Ring

asscher cut diamonds simple classic solitaire engagement ring

The symmetrical lines inside this step cut diamond create what is called a “hall of mirrors effect” (makes sense – we can’t help but get lost in this stunner!).

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Who Rocks Asscher Cut Engagement Rings?

Elizabeth Taylor and Pippa Middleton (a.k.a. grace and style personified) both chose asscher cut engagement ring center stones.

Pippa Middleton's Engagement Ring

Pippa Middleton’s Engagement Ring | Image Source:

1920s-Now: Timeless Art Deco Diamonds

Octagon Halo Engagement Ring

asscher cut diamonds octagon halo art deco engagement ring

Named after its early-20th century creator Joseph Asscher, this diamond shape was also the go-to choice for jewelry in the art deco era.

Vintage Bezel Pavé Engagement Ring

asscher cut diamonds vintage unique engagement ring

Asscher cut diamond rings are a vintage, unique, and elegant choice.

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What to Know About Asscher Cut Diamonds

The extraordinary clarity of asscher cut diamonds makes everything inside the stone easier to see, so it’s best to choose a diamond with fewer inclusions (marks inside the diamond).

Art Deco Geometric Engagement Ring

asscher cut diamonds art deco geometric unique engagement ring

Look for a clarity level as close to flawless as possible.

Triple Diamond Engagement Ring

asscher cut diamonds rose gold engagement ring

Clearly in love with this shape? Create your Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring.

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Asscher Cut Diamonds with Incredible Clarity

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