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6 Ways to Make Your Engagement Ring Look Bigger

Engagement rings with beautiful undercarriages that make their diamonds look bigger

Whether your fiancée-to-be has been pining after Beyoncé’s mega diamond ring, or she’s more about the proposal than the size of her rock, do yourself a favor and learn a few tricks to make your diamond ring look bigger than it is. Trust me, she’ll thank you for it!

A little more sparkle never hurt anyone, and there are so many budget-friendly ways to let your ring stand out. Here are 6 affordable ways to make your diamond ring look bigger.


White gold pear-cut diamond halo & shank engagement ring that makes its center diamond look bigger
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You may not have believed that statement before, but when it comes to diamonds it’s really true! Did you know that there is actually no such thing as a diamond’s “carat size?” A diamond’s carat actually refers to the weight of the diamond, rather than the size! So instead of worrying about how many carats the diamond is, you’re better off focusing on the cut of the diamond. The cut determines how the stone catches the light. When the diamond has a better quality cut, the stone is more brilliant and therefore gives the impression of being larger than it actually is.


Engagement rings in different shapes

The shape of the diamond has a huge influence on how big the rock looks. If you want to increase the size of the diamond, or rather the size that the diamond appears to be, consider the diamond shape. For a more noticeable stone that seems bigger than it is, go for an elongated shape like oval, emerald, marquise, or pear. If you put a 1-carat round diamond next to a 1-carat emerald-cut diamond, the emerald shape will appear larger and can cost substantially less.


Halo engagement rings that make their center diamonds look bigger.

There’s a reason why halos are such a popular choice for brides today. Halos consist of tiny diamonds surrounding the larger, center stone, creating the illusion of one very big diamond. Plus, they’re beautiful and extra sparkly!


White metal engagement rings that make their center diamonds look bigger.

If your goal is to make the ring the main event, opt for the white metal. The stone will reflect off of white gold or platinum bands, creating more shine than yellow or rose gold engagement rings. If you’re still determined to get a rose or yellow gold ring, no worries! You can get whatever metal you like on the band and still choose white gold prongs. That way, the white gold will shine through the diamond, giving the rock a bigger appearance.


Engagement rings with side stones that make their center diamonds look bigger.

Adding smaller side stones to either side of the larger center diamond will bring out the center stone, and enhance the ring’s beauty as a whole. Think of the side-stones as the performers who open before the big show! They’ll create a grand, luminous effect for the main act – the center diamond.


Three engagement ring bands that make their center diamonds look bigger: a thin ring band, a knife-edge ring band, and a tapered ring band.

The design of the ring band can create the illusion of a larger or smaller center diamond.

  • Thin bands are great, as the diamond will appear bigger next to the band.
  • Knife-edge settings are also an excellent choice, as their top is also a thin edge and makes the diamond look larger.
  • Tapered ring settings start out thicker on the sides and thin as they get closer to the center stone, giving extra emphasis to the center diamond and featuring it as the main, brilliant event.

TA-DA! You’re ready to make your diamond ring look BIGGER!

Well, what are you waiting for?!

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