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April Birthstone: A Guide To Diamonds & Diamond Jewelry

Are you or someone special in your life born in April and want to know more about April’s birthstone? We’re exploring all there is to know about Aries’ birthstone: the Diamond.

April Birthstone

What Is the April Birthstone?

Diamond, the April birthstone, needs a little introduction. It is, after all, the single most coveted precious stone in the world – not to mention, the object of many an engagement fantasy. But what exactly is it about the sparkly stone that makes it such a prize?

The answer lies in the stone’s rarity, toughness, and, above all, exceptional beauty.

Read on to uncover fun diamond birthstone facts and get to know what stunning diamond jewelry is on offer for that special Aries in your life.

April Birthstone: Meaning & History

Natural diamonds were formed 3 billion years ago under high pressure and at high temperatures deep within the Earth. It’s been estimated that they have been traded since as early as 4 BC and worn by royalty and the wealthy.

Indian diamonds were brought to medieval markets in Venice by caravans and by the 1400s, diamonds were becoming fashionable accessories for Europe’s wealthy and elite. By the 1700s, Brazil began to dominate the diamond market for more than 150 years.

In the late 1800s, diamonds were discovered near Kimberley, South Africa, and this marked the beginning of the modern-day diamond market.

Diamonds are known as the ‘love’ stone and were historically believed to enhance the longevity and honesty of relationships with whoever wore them. Today, diamonds symbolize everlasting love and commitment- making them the perfect center stone for engagement rings.

Where Is The April Birthstone Found?

The birthstone for April is now mined around the world and can be created in laboratories as lab grown diamonds. Most notably, South Africa along with other African nations has been the major producer of rough diamonds since the early 2000s.

Russia is now one of the top producers of natural diamonds since the 1960s, along with northern Canada and Australia.
Mined diamonds in Botswana make up roughly 40 percent of the world’s diamond supply.

April Birthstone: Fun Facts

Diamond Colors

Diamonds’ coloring runs the gamut from totally colorless to quite colorful. The vast majority of diamonds exist on a spectrum of yellowish to colorless. Some people like the warmth of a slightly yellow diamond, especially when complemented with a warm jewelry metal, like a yellow or rose gold setting. However, most prefer the glacial quality of a colorless diamond, which is far rarer.

A popular alternative to colorless diamonds, fancy color diamonds come in a range of natural hues including yellow and pink. Colors at the vivid end of the spectrum are quite rare and, therefore, more valuable.

Diamond Toughness

Diamonds are tough. Really tough. Like the-hardest-mineral-on-Earth tough. Being virtually indestructible has its advantages, of course. Diamonds do not require much maintenance to keep them looking new.

They also retain their polish for a very long time, making them equally suitable for everyday wear and special occasions. Ironically, the only thing capable of scratching a diamond is another diamond, so it’s best to store diamond jewels separately.

Diamond Sparkle

Diamonds have a refractive index of 2.42, as well as a faceting pattern that efficiently returns light. The sparkle that we see with our own eyes is a result of 3 main factors: brilliance (reflected white light), fire (refracted color), and scintillation (surface sparkle).

Additionally, a diamond’s cut contributes to its impressive sparkle. A well-proportioned and symmetrical stone will display maximal fire and brilliance. Why? It ensures that light hits that particular stone in all the right places.

April Birthstone Jewelry

Diamond Studs & Earrings

Diamond studs sit perfectly flush in their settings, making them appear to float on the ear. These diamond earrings are heavy on the sparkle, yet minimal enough to be worn on absolutely any occasion.

Diamond Tennis Bracelets

The ultimate in classy sparkle. Slip on a glittering diamond tennis bracelet and get ready to turn heads. Tennis bracelets are stunning enough to be the centerpiece of your jewelry collection, yet simple enough to stack alongside a variety of diamond bracelet styles.

Diamond Pendants & Neclaces

A simple, yet gorgeous, diamond pendant will quickly become a diamond jewelry wardrobe staple. All gold metal necklaces complement most necklines, and can easily be layered with other necklace styles.

Diamond Anniversary & Eternity Rings

Diamond rings come in all shapes and sizes and can be worn by themselves or stacked with other gemstone or plain metal rings. For the most part, anniversary and eternity rings are perfect for everyday wear or as complementing accessories to your existing diamond engagement ring.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Not all engagement rings have to have a diamond center stone, especially if you’re a non-traditional bride or groom. But there is something to be said about the classics and how timeless a diamond engagement ring is. If your Aries sweetheart has its heart set on a diamond sparkler, your options are endless. From lab-created diamond alternatives to fancy color diamonds, the skies are the limit.

An April Birthstone to Call Your Own

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