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Diamonds Are Forever the April Birthstone

The stars must have aligned to create an April birthstone so sublime.

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Diamond, the April birthstone, needs little introduction. It is, after all, the single most coveted precious stone in the world and the object of many an engagement fantasy. But what is it about the sparkly stone that makes it such a prize?

The answer lies in the stone’s rarity, toughness, and, above all, exceptional beauty.

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In Rare Form: The April Birthstone

In their purest form, diamonds are clear but may contain a hint of yellow. Some people like the warmth of a slightly yellow diamond, especially when complemented with a yellow or rose gold setting. However, the vast majority prefer the glacial quality of a colorless diamond, which is far rarer.

april birthstone pavé rope engagement ring

This contemporary rope style engagement ring features a sleek band of lustrous metal and a pavé band of gorgeous diamonds in one interwoven design.

april birthstone fancy color diamonds

A popular alternative to colorless diamonds, fancy color diamonds come in a range of natural hues including yellow and pink. Colors at the vivid end of the spectrum are quite rare and, therefore, more valuable.

Tough Love: The April Birthstone

Diamonds are tough. Really tough. Like the-hardest-mineral-on-Earth tough. Being virtually indestructible has its advantages, of course. Diamonds do not require much maintenance to keep them looking like new. They also retain their polish for a very long time, making them equally suitable for everyday wear and special occasions. Ironically, the only thing capable of scratching a diamond is another diamond, so it’s best to store diamond jewels separately.


“A polished diamond is just as tough

as any diamond in the rough.”

april birthstone grande illusion baguette bracelet

This exquisite bracelet combines baguette and round cut diamonds for maximum sparkle. The baguette’s elongated facets create a luxurious, vintage feel that’s full of luster and sheen.

Beyond the practical, diamonds are thought to symbolize a love that’s as deep and enduring as the carbon from which they are formed. Their famously slow and arduous journey from below the Earth’s mantle to the back of your hand only adds to their mystique and romantic appeal.

april birthstone three prong martini round brilliant diamond earrings

The diamonds in these three-prong martini earrings sit perfectly flush in their settings, making them appear to float on the ear.

Beauty Bound: The April Birthstone

Several factors determine a diamond’s beauty. A well-proportioned and symmetrical stone will display large amounts of fire and brilliance, otherwise known as sparkle. This, after all, is the main reason we’re here, girls and boys. Diamond color, as we have mentioned, gives the stone its unique character and helps to determine its value.

april birthstone six prong knife edge solitaire engagement ring

Timeless beauty with a modern twist, this knife-edge solitaire features four scalloped claw prongs handcrafted to fit the center diamond.

True Hearts by James Allen™

True Hearts by James Allen™ is our premier collection of ideal cut diamonds. Available in round cut (Hearts and Arrows), princess cut, and cushion cut, these precious stones are the ultimate in diamond beauty. Fewer than 1% of the world’s diamonds have the perfect internal symmetry and proportions necessary to earn the True Hearts™ distinction.

april birthstone milgrain bezel diamond pendant

This stunning pendant is the perfect mix of modern and vintage design. Its milgrain bezel and curved wire basket accent the beauty of the round cut diamond within.

Find Your True Hearts™

An April Birthstone of Your Own

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Jonny Hart

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