Earth-Created vs. Lab-Grown Diamonds: A Guide

Lab grown diamond – or earth-created diamond? Here’s all the data you need to live your best sparkling life.

lab grown diamonds vs. earth-created diamonds set side-by-side on blue and pink backgrounds

Lab grown diamonds are pretty much the new kids on the jewelry block. So let’s clarify a few points, so you can decide with 100% confidence which sort of sparkle sets a twinkle in your eye: classic earth-created diamonds, or cutting-edge lab-grown diamonds


The only difference between the two is their origin.

Earth-created diamonds: sourced from below the earth’s surface.
Lab-created diamonds: created in simulated “below-ground” conditions in a lab.

What’s a diamond? It’s just carbon atoms. But arrange them in a very particular structure, and you get the incredibly hard and beautiful stone we know and love. Producing this special carbon arrangement in nature demands conditions that are…intense. We’re talking high heat and super high pressure. Needless to say, very few places in the world are capable of producing earth-created diamonds. 

But technology has advanced to the point that we don’t always have to go digging for our precious stones; we can actually simulate the necessary extreme conditions in specialized pressure chambers in a lab. Lab-created diamonds are grown from tiny carbon “seeds” that develop in these chambers over months, as incredibly hot gases deposit carbon atom-by-atom onto the original seed.

Lab created diamonds even develop their own unique characteristics (inclusions, clarity, etc) along the way, and once they’re fully grown they’re cut into the shape that suits their qualities best.

White Gold Pavé Halo Engagement Ring
with Cushion-Cut Diamond

14K White Gold Pave Halo Engagement Ring

Rose Gold Vintage Engagement Ring
with Princess-Cut Diamond

14K Rose Gold Vintage Inspired Floral Bouquet Engagement Ring


Lab-grown diamonds are generally about 30% more affordable than earth-created diamonds.


The diamond-growing process is less resource-intensive than the diamond-mining process. It simply costs less to grow a diamond in a lab than it does to mine a diamond from the earth, and those savings are passed along to diamond-shoppers. That means that for the same cost, you can purchase a lab-created diamond that’s 30% larger than an earth-created one.

Rose Gold Bezel-Set Pavé Engagement Ring

14K Rose Gold Bezel Set Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

Two-Tone Comfort Fit Engagement Ring

14K Gold Two-Tone 1.8mm Comfort-Fit Modern Twisted Solitaire Engagement Ring


Earth-created diamonds are the classic choice. Lab-created diamonds are the fresh choice. 

There is no doubt that earth-created diamonds contain millennia of history, tradition, and romance. They are one of nature’s most incredible products. Drawn from deep within the earth, these sparkling treasures have been proudly flaunted by generations upon generations – paving the way for you to carry on the tradition.

Lab-created diamonds, on the other hand, are the next step in diamond history. Technically speaking, they’re brand new. But traditionally speaking, diamonds are diamonds forever. Lab-created diamonds give their wearer a unique chance to create new memories. 

Both earth-created diamonds AND lab-created diamonds hold their sparkle forever, so they’ll be just as beautiful when you’ll pass them on as heirlooms as they are when you wear them on a night out.

Rose Gold Leaf Bypass Engagement Ring

rose gold bypass diamond engagement ring

White Gold Tapered Pavé Engagement Ring

white gold tapered pavé diamond engagement ring


Both earth-created and lab-created diamonds are available in nearly every shape and color – even fancy colors!

Colorful diamonds, like canary yellow ones, are quite rare. Their shocking hues are caused by trace amounts of non-carbon elements, like nitrogen. By adding these elements to a growing diamond in its pressure chamber, lab-grown diamonds take on the same fancy colors as earth-created diamonds.
Good news: any diamond can be cut into any shape. When it comes to diamond cuts, you truly are spoiled for choice!

White Gold Milgrain Engagement Ring
with Princess-Cut Fancy Yellow Diamond

White Gold Laurel Engagement Ring
with Cushion-Cut Diamond

14K White Gold Laurel Leaves Diamond Engagement Ring


Diamonds aren’t only for rings. Have a look at the pendants and earrings that can be set with either earth-created or lab-grown diamonds:

White Gold Bezel-Set Diamond Pendant

14K White Gold Bezel Diamond Pendant

Yellow Gold Scroll Diamond Pendant

yellow gold diamond pendant

White Gold Princess-Cut Diamond Stud Earrings

white gold princess-cut diamond stud earrings

Yellow Gold Martini Diamond Stud Earrings

18K Yellow Gold Three Prong Martini Style Stud Earrings

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  3. Why Diamond Cut Matters Most
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Rachel Hoar

Rachel is an unabashed linguistics fanatic who can identify the ancient Greek root of any word. She promises not to spray you with Windex.

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Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

Make your day unforgettable with a free wedding ring engraving.

pavé wedding ring engraved with the inscription "finders keepers"

Amidst the hectic, public extravaganza that is your wedding, a meaningful wedding ring engraving gives the person you love a little extra attention. And DYK? You can engrave your wedding ring for free at checkout.


But out of everything you could say, what’s the right inscription for you? Take a look below at our customers’ words for some amazing wedding ring engraving ideas!


Tradition will never get old.


White Gold Milgrain Wedding Ring

pave wedding ring engraved with "love is a verb"


White Gold Curved Wedding Ring


Emphasize the importance of your big day with a custom inscription.

“I FOUND LOVE 3-14-19”

Yellow Gold Pavé Wedding Ring

14K Yellow Gold Matching Pave Wedding Band

“1.30.19 S&H”

Platinum Sapphire Arrow Wedding Ring

Platinum Blue Sapphire And Diamond Arrow Shape Wedding Ring

“-Alfonso 2019-“

Platinum Sunburst Wedding Ring

Platinum Three Stone Sunburst Wedding Ring


With these initial ring inscriptions, you two will know exactly what you mean.


Rose Gold Pavé Edged Wedding Ring


Yellow Gold Thin Channel-Set Wedding Ring


Why hide it? You’re adorable.


White Gold Cushion Pavé Wedding Ring


White Gold Round and Marquise Wedding Ring

14K White Gold Round And Marquise Diamond Wedding Ring


Melt each other’s hearts with a sweet ring engraving.


Platinum Matching Filigree Wedding Ring

Platinum Matching Wedding Band

“Forever and Ever, Amen”

White Gold Engraved Channel-Set Wedding Ring

14K White Gold Hand Engraved Channel Set Princess Shape Diamond Wedding Ring


White Gold Paisley Surprise Wedding Ring

14K White Gold Paisley Surprise Matching Wedding Ring


Inscribe the lyrics of the first song you’ll dance to as a married couple!


Platinum Pavé Bypass Wedding Ring

Platinum Round Shaped Diamond Wedding Ring


Platinum Wide Channel-Set Wedding Ring

Platinum Round Shaped Diamond Wedding Ring

Searching for more wedding ring engraving ideas? Read more below!

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Rachel Hoar

Rachel is an unabashed linguistics fanatic who can identify the ancient Greek root of any word. She promises not to spray you with Windex.

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Lab-Created Diamonds vs. Moissanite

Two budget-friendly stone choices – but one clearly comes out on top.

Loose princess-cut lab-created diamonds and loose round lab-created diamonds on a pink background

In their search for that perfect sparkler, ring shoppers who want to maximize their budgets inevitably end up checking all the different options. Moissanite has historically been a good option for wallet-wary shoppers, but it’s also worth noting that the surge in lab-created offerings and the significant lowering of retail prices have made lab created diamonds an excellent, wallet-friendly option.

So yes – at first, lab-created diamonds and moissanite can seem quite similar… and this can be an extremely perplexing issue! But you’ll soon find that they’re not similar. At all.

To put it bluntly: 



“Ok,” you say.

“Tell me more.”

Lab-created diamonds are real diamonds!
They’re chemically, structurally, and visually the same as the earth-created diamonds we all know and love. The only difference is that the high-pressure, high-temperature, diamond-creating conditions that usually take place deep underground are instead performed in a lab. Because it’s easier to create lab conditions than to mine diamonds underground, lab-created diamonds can be significantly more affordable than earth-created diamonds.

Moissanite isn’t a diamond, it’s a silicon carbide!
It’s synthesized in a lab under a thermal growing process. This silicon carbide crystal is a completely different material that looks very similar to diamond but is still an imitation of the real thing. Moissanite is often marketed as a cheaper alternative to diamond, but it’s an inferior option given the pricing and availability of ‘real’ lab-created diamonds. Moissanite doesn’t have anywhere near the same brilliance or clarity as a real diamond, and it has none of the fire.

Loose princess-cut lab-created diamonds and loose round lab-created diamonds on a blue background

Let’s size up lab-created diamonds and moissanite over 6 traits:


A diamond’s color is everlasting. The lab-created diamond you buy today will look exactly the same when you eventually pass it down to your grandchildren.

Moissanite exhibits “thermochromism,” meaning that it is sensitive to color change at temperatures above 150° F (65 C). These are usually temporary, but these heat-sensitive color changes can sometimes be permanent.


Colorless to extremely colorful
. Diamonds can exhibit a full range of colors, from intense fancy colors (canary, purple, pink) to completely colorless.

Moissanites usually display warmer tints, often exhibiting slight yellowish or greenish hues.


Lab-created diamonds have a refractive index of 2.42 and their faceting pattern returns light remarkably. The combination of their brilliance (reflected white light), fire (refracted color) and scintillation (surface sparkle) give diamonds their unparalleled true sparkle. Brilliant and sparkly!

Moissanite actually has a higher refractive index than diamonds, at 2.65, and their faceting pattern is different, leading their brilliance to display a “rainbow effect.” The rainbow effect tends to make moissanite look fake to the well-trained eye, and is especially noticeable under natural light and in larger stones.


Lab-created diamonds sparkle the same at any carat weight. Go big, go small, go whatever you like.

Moissanite’s exhibits a “rainbow effect” which can look fake and is especially noticeable in larger moissanite stones. Stick with smaller sizes.


Diamond is the hardest stone (it has the highest rating of 10 on Moh’s hardness scale). It’s not susceptible to scratching.

Extremely hard (9.25 on Moh’s hardness scale), but is still more susceptible to scratching than diamonds.


Diamonds are usually the more expensive choice. However, lab-created diamonds are the affordable diamond option, allowing you to get a 30% larger stone for the same cost as earth-created diamonds.

Moissanites are a cheaper option, though buyers must take into account the lifetime costs of maintenance like jeweler cleanings. Moissanite’s value is mostly sentimental.

The Conclusion:

We at James Allen believe the overall resiliency, beauty, and affordability of lab-created diamonds make them #1 choice for budget-friendliness. Moissanite simply doesn’t compare.

Big, bright, and beautiful!

And now for our picks: pieces that show off all the sparkle of lab-created diamonds. And after you’ve chosen your lab-created diamond, ensure you’ve gotten the best deal by using our Diamond Price Match Guarantee and by chatting with our legendary customer service team.

Three-Stone Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring

14K White Gold Three Stone Emerald And Pave Set Diamond Engagement Ring

“This is the most sparkly ring I’ve ever seen. I feel like a million bucks!”
– Teresa T.

Pear-Cut Halo Engagement Ring

18K White Gold Pave Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

“I love my pear-shaped ring!! It is simple yet not understated at all.”
– Andy A.

Bow-Tie Princess-Cut Engagement Ring

White gold channel-set engagement ring with a princess cut lab created diamond

“A showstopper ring. It’s glam, class, and elegance all in one.”
– Swanson J.

Halo Pendant

Milgrain halo diamond pendant set with a round lab-created diamond

“The halo makes the center stone look much much bigger. It is very impressive.”
-Pi-Yu C.

Scalloped Pendant

14K White Gold Scallop Basket Diamond Pendant

“This is the best purchase I’ve ever made online!”
– Bing W.

Lab-created diamonds caught your eye? Read on to hone your diamond expertise!

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Rachel Hoar

Rachel is an unabashed linguistics fanatic who can identify the ancient Greek root of any word. She promises not to spray you with Windex.

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engagement ring engraving ideas

Engagement Ring Engraving Ideas

Choose an engagement ring engraving that’ll create your moment in your own words (on us!).

engagement ring engraving ideas: a white gold ring inscribed with "universe delivered"

Every couple has their own special way of communicating with each other, filled with tokens of love and had-to-be-there private jokes. We’re all about those love languages! Whatever proposal you plan will be a personalized tribute to your shared language – so why not personalize your engagement ring too? Engrave your ring for free during checkout as an extra meaningful touch!

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At a gloss for words? We’ve got inspiration for your perfect engagement ring inscription.

Engagement Ring Engraving: Get the Message

Get inspired by our customers’ engagement rings! Consider engraving your engagement ring or wedding band with your anniversary date, the place where you fell in love, your initials, a romantic quote, or a phrase with special meaning that only you two understand.


Your engagement ring engraving will always bring you back to the moment you proposed, tears, joy, and all.


Platinum Knife-Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring

engagement ring engraving date inscription


Sometimes the biggest emotions are best expressed in the fewest words. We love the power of these abbreviated love letters!

“Adventures Await Us”

Rose Gold Knife-Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring

engagement ring engraving: a rose gold ring inscribed with the phrase: "adventures await us"

“All of my love”

White GOld Split-Shank Pavé Halo Engagement Ring

engagement ring engraving ideas: split-shank Pavé ring inscribed with the words "All of my love"

“Love Beyond Eternity”

Rose Gold Sapphire and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

engagement ring engraving ideas: ring engraved with the phrase "Love Beyond Eternity"

“You Are My Treasure”

Platinum Bow-Tie Channel-Set Engagement Ring

engagement ring engraving ideas: white gold channel-set ring engraved with the phrase "You Are My Treasure"


As romantic as they are simple, engagement ring engravings of initials or names put your soulmate-status in writing.


White Gold Knife-Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring

engagement ring engraving: white gold solitaire ring inscribed with the initials "S & S"


It’s what’s on the inside that counts! Choose to inscribe your ring with a reference that holds special meaning for the two of you, whether it’s a sports term, internet speak, or Irish Gaelic.

“Mo Chroi Go Deo” (“My Heart, Forever”)

White Gold Baguette Side-Stone Engagement Ring

engagement ring engraving ideas: ring inscribed with the Gaelic phrase "Mo Chroi Go Deo" ("My Heart, Forever")"

“My only Home Run”

Rose Gold Comfort Fit Solitaire Engagement Ring

engagement ring engraving ideas: rose gold inscribed with the phrase "My only Home Run""

P.S. Shop baseball player engagement ring lookalikes here!

“DFTBA” (“Don’t Forget To Be Awesome”)

Rose Gold Pavé Crossover Engagement Ring

engagement ring engraving ideas: rose gold ring inscribed with ""DFTBA" ("Don't Forget To Be Awesome")"

“M&C Mark 10:9” (“Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”)

Yellow Gold Comfort Fit Solitaire Engagement Ring

engagement ring engraving ideas: ring inscribed with bible verse "M&C Mark 10:9" ("Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.")

“Te Amo” (“I Love You”)

White Gold Knife-Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring

engagement ring engraving ideas: white gold ring inscribed with the phrase "Te Amo” (“I Love You”)"

Engagement Ring Engraving: the Write Look

When you engrave your engagement ring at, you’ll choose:

  • Either block text or cursive script font
  • Any phrase up to 20 characters in length (a.k.a. the most meaningful Tweet you’ve ever composed)

Ready to get started? Write here, right now: find the perfect engagement ring for your inscription.

Find your perfect words in these love lyrics:

More perks: Virtual Ring Try-OnDrop a HintReferral Rewards Program

How to design the dream ring: Buying an Engagement Ring 101Engagement Rings Inspired by Most-Loved Books

Have a favorite romantic ring inscription? Let us know in the comments below, or on our social channels: Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

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engagement ring engraving pin pinterest

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Tova Kamioner

Tova is a lover of fantastic stories, and although she is skeptical of romantic comedies, she can quote most of the classics by heart.

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keeping the ring a secret

Shhh! Keeping the Ring a Secret

With your sparkler safely in the bag, the next crucial step is keeping the ring a secret so you can successfully pull off your surprise proposal.

keeping the ring a secret

Buying the engagement ring is the easy part. Keeping it a secret from your SO is where the real challenge lies. You’re up against an opponent whose curiosity knows no bounds. No sock drawer is safe, no bookshelf off-limits. To pull this off, you’re going to need an airtight game plan and nerves of steel!

Shop Engagement Rings

Keeping the Ring a Secret: Leave No Trace

In a recent blog post, we weighed the benefits of shopping for a surprise ring versus collaborating with your SO. If you’re dead set on keeping the ring a secret, you’ll want to ensure you don’t leave a footprint – digital or otherwise – that could blow your cover.

keeping the ring a secret hiding spot


When ring shopping online, we strongly recommend doing your homework. However, if you happen to share computers/devices with your SO, make sure you sign out of all their accounts before starting to plan your surprise proposal. Likewise, if you absolutely must print something out (though we’re not sure why you would – this is 2018, people!), don’t leave that smoking gun sitting in your printer tray.


For obvious reasons, you should never use a joint bank account to pay for the ring. Consider setting up a new account specifically for that purpose (you can close it once the deed is done). Another option is to pay with an old credit card that only you know about. This one’s kind of a no-brainer, but you shouldn’t leave bank/credit card statements lying around the house. Oh, and don’t withdraw a large sum of money from the ATM; that’s a dead giveaway.

Keeping the Ring a Secret: Unboxing Your Bling

Who doesn’t love a good unboxing? Not your curious partner, that’s for sure!

At James Allen, we realize that having a mysterious package show up at your door is likely to arouse suspicion. That’s why we’ve taken care to ensure the outer packaging is as nondescript (read boring) as possible so as not to ruin your surprise proposal. It’s literally just a standard, no frills FedEx box. For all your SO knows, it could be nothing more than that drone you’ve been droning on about.

Unboxing Your ring box

It’s worth noting that our packages require a signature upon delivery. If you’re uncomfortable receiving yours at home or are worried that someone else might intercept it, we can help you find the best place to ship to.

Only once you peel back the outer carton does it start to get more interesting.

The first thing you’ll notice is an elegant presentation box embossed with the James Allen logo. This doubles as a jewelry box and even has a drawer for keeping your diamond certificates, cleaning cloth, and whatnot. Nestled on top is a small red box that houses the main attraction: the engagement ring.

Where to Stow Your Glow

Now, ordinarily, we’d tell you there’s no safer place to store your ring than the ring box it came in. Not only does it offer maximum protection, but it also makes for the most impressive presentation. However, there’s no getting around the fact that it’s still a box and, as such, somewhat bulky. Unless your partner is already aware of the ring, you might consider switching the box for something altogether less obvious.

“Is that a ring box in your pocket or are you happy to see me?”
– Your suspicious SO

creative way to propose

Some suggestions: a glasses case, a wallet, a briefcase. It’s fine to get creative with the container, as long as it fits the occasion. For example, a backpack or camera bag on a hike makes sense. A cello case does not. A rolled-up blanket or empty Thermos on a picnic makes sense. A suitcase does not. You get the idea.

Keeping the Ring a Secret: Conceal the Deal

OK, we’ve looked at ways to carry the ring around with you, but what about leaving it unattended? Here are some dos and don’ts for the times you’re not around to guard your precious new acquisition.

  • Keep it locked away in a safe place where your other half won’t accidentally come across it e.g., a spare bedroom, home office, or even a relative’s house. Avoid obvious places such as your bedroom, living room, or car glove compartment.
  • If traveling, pack the ring in your carry-on, never a checked bag. Don’t let a TSA agent blow your surprise proposal! Make sure it’s very secure and follow all airline security rules to avoid being stopped and searched.
  • Don’t leave it in your hotel room safe if your SO is likely to use it; instead, ask the concierge if you can leave it in the safe at the front desk.

Keeping the Ring a Secret: Your Silent Partner

If the logistics of keeping the ring a secret seem like Mission Impossible, our Customer Service reps are on hand to help you plan your sneaky setup. These masters of misdirection can be reached 24/7 via live chat, phone, and email. They know every trick in the book and can even suggest ways to distract your unsuspecting SO (don’t worry, we’ve trained them to only use their powers for good).

keeping the ring a secret customer service

Hoard of the Rings

Where did you stash your sparkler pre-proposal? Whisper it to us in the comments below or over on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or Twitter.

If you liked this post, check out our men’s FAQ series for more practical ring-buying tips and tricks.

Next up: How Do I Find Her Style Preference?

Can you keep a secret? (Pin it!)

keeping the ring a secret pin pinterest

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Jonny Hart

Jonny is passionate about puns, adores alliteration, and finds diamonds positively facet-nating! Since joining James Allen, he has written the word 'sparkle’ 9,732 times and counting.

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Fresh Aquamarine- The March Birthstone cover Featured

Aquamarine Jewelry feat. the March Birthstone

Hey, water you waiting for? Aquamarine jewelry, that’s what! Learn more about the meaning behind the March birthstone and find the perfect aquamarine gift for a March birthday.

March birthstone - Blue-Green colors of aquamarine

Aquamarine, the March birthstone, evokes the clarity and serenity of ocean waters – literally. Its name comes from the Latin “aqua marinus,” which means “water of the sea.” Aquamarine is a blue variant of the beryl family, which includes other distinctly-colored gemstones like pink morganite, golden heliodor, and green emerald. Why the spectrum of hues? Each color variation is thanks to specific trace mineral and metal content; in the case of aquamarine, iron ions (Fe2+ and Fe3+, to be precise) tint the otherwise colorless beryl to a clear, watery blue. Its color ranges across the blue spectrum, from pale to deep azure. What’s consistent, however, is this gemstone’s exceptional clarity.

The March Birthstone

What better way to celebrate the first month of spring than with a slice of clear blue sky? Aquamarine jewelry symbolizes tranquility, serenity, and good luck. Ancient Greek sailors used to carry aquamarine aboard their ships to ensure smooth journeys at sea – and protect them against drowning. Nowadays, it’s still a symbol of protection, with many people carrying it with them for good health. They’re perfect for those days when you need to shout, “SERENITY NOW!” That’s because the March birthstone has historically been worn in order to sooth the wearer’s temper and to nurture love. 

Aquamarine naturally occurs in hexagonal facets, which catch a spectacular amount of light. Its blue is exceptionally bright. Plus, it’s a 7.5–8 on the Mohs scale, making it a strong, durable jewel that stands up well to daily wear. So whether or not you’re a March baby, the aquamarine is a stunning gemstone that deserves to be a centerpiece of any jewelry collection.

And don’t forget about the celebrity endorsements. Celebs have been rocking aquamarine jewelry since – forever! Lucille Ball flaunted a 40-carat multi-faceted aquamarine ring from Desi Arnaz. Jessica Biel’s now-husband Justin Timberlake proposed with a whopping 6-carat center diamond accented with two aquamarine side stones. And princess Diana was an ardent fan of the March birthstone. She had a jaw-dropping collection of aquamarine jewelry, whose standouts included pear-cut aquamarine earrings, a huge emerald-cut aquamarine ring, and a pearl and aquamarine bracelet. 

Aquamarine is a beautiful accent stone, but it deserves to take center stage in its own right. At James Allen, we believe people don’t wear aquamarine enough! Its “pale blue” hue, despite its name, is anything but lackluster. It’s radiant! Aquamarine’s distinct color, combined with its characteristic light-grabbing hexagonal faces, means that this bright and vibrant jewel is perfectly suited to be worn as a center stone. 

So here are just a few of our most eye-catching, aquamarine-forward pieces. Happy March!

Aquamarine Jewelry Birthstone Gifts

Hello, hydration! These aquamarine gemstone gifts pack gorgeous, translucent bursts of energy. 

Infinity Aquamarine Birthstone Ring

This simple aquamarine ring makes for an exceptionally sweet gift for your favorite March birthday. It leans into the marine theme with a rippling white gold band. Can you even look at this birthstone ring without dreaming of ocean surf crashing on a white sand beach? No, no you can’t. 

Yellow Gold Aquamarine Birthstone Ring

There’s a reason that the simple pleasures in life are enjoyed more often. And this simple pleasure comes in yellow gold! This is a piece that’s classic enough to match with any of your existing rings, perfect for stacking, and will handle anything your life throws at it. The double-floored basket allows light to hit this 0.25-carat round-cut aquamarine center stone from every angle: top, side, and bottom. Meaning, this delicate gemstone will positively glow on your finger.

14K Yellow Gold 2.3mm Aquamarine Solitaire Birthstone Ring

Dual-Blue Sapphire and Aquamarine Ring

Dual-Blue Sapphire and Aquamarine Ring

Aquamarine and sapphire; two classic and beloved azure jewels. It’s a successful mix of new and traditional jewelry styles. The modern look of the opposing shapes and shades of the two stones is offset by the vintage feel of the yellow gold solitaire band. These true blues make the perfect power couple in this double-or-nothing yellow gold ring. Both gemstones are of exceptionally clear grades, so you won’t lack for sparkle.

East-West Aquamarine & Diamond Accent Ring

This ring is the definition of understated glitter. An elegant oval-cut aquamarine is set in the sideways “east-west” position, which though less common than a vertical setting, is not at all less lovely. Two tiny diamonds, nestled in the crooks of the split shank, beautifully set off the brilliance of the center aquamarine.

Trio Halo Aquamarine Earrings

Get dripping in these aquamarine earrings surrounded with diamond halos, reminiscent of springtime raindrops. Each earring is made up of three stones, surrounded in diamond halos, that gradually increase in size. These sparkling droplets are so sleek, you’ll take to them like a duck to water.

Aquamarine Birthstone Studs

These earrings bring out the sparkle in any eye, especially baby blues and gorgeous greens. The gentle blue of the gemstones perfectly complements cool-toned eyes. Wear aquamarine on your lobes whenever you want to bring out the marine undertones of your irises. 

Oval-Cut Aquamarine Birthstone Necklace

This necklace is all aquamarine. Simply set in white gold, this oval-cut gemstone is the star of the show. And simply put, aquamarine jewelry makes for an unforgettable March birthday gift. This pendant’s split bail ensures that its center stone lies flat around the wearer’s neck. Pretty and stable, this necklace is utterly wearable.

Aquamarine And Diamond Floating Halo Necklace

Why be shy about it? Your aquamarine is stunning and you know it. This necklace shows off aquamarine as it deserves to be seen – front-and-center and surrounded by a floating halo of diamonds! This is a pendant necklace that’s covered in sparkle. And it’s not afraid to flaunt it.

14K White Gold Aquamarine And Diamond Floating Halo Necklace

Aquamarine And Diamond Floating Halo Ring

And let’s pair that floating halo necklace with a matching stunner – a floating halo ring worthy of a diva! This super-glam ring is a piece that owns the room. It’s an ice-breaking piece of ice that’s a definite conversation starter. But this ring doesn’t have to stand alone. Feel free to pair it with any number of smaller and simpler rings, like a yellow gold aquamarine ring or a two-toned solitaire ring.

14K White Gold Aquamarine And Diamond Floating Halo Ring

Ready to dive in?

The March Birthstone & More

Our Birthstone Guides: January GarnetsFebruary AmethystsApril DiamondsMay EmeraldsJune PearlsJuly RubiesSeptember SapphiresNovember CitrinesDecember Blue Topaz    

Read More About Birthstones!

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